Concerning the Service

This order is for use when a priest is being instituted and inducted as the
rector of a parish. It may also be used for the installation of deans and
canons of cathedrals, or the inauguration of other ministries, diocesan
or parochial, including vicars of missions and assistant ministers.
Alterations in the service are then made according to circumstances.

The chief minister is normally the bishop; but, if necessary, a deputy
may be appointed. The bishop, when present, is the chief celebrant of
the Eucharist. In the bishop's absence, a priest being inducted is the
chief celebrant.

Other priests, if any, who serve in the same congregation also stand with
the chief celebrant at the Altar, and deacons assist according to their

Lay persons from the congregation read the Old Testament Lesson and
the Epistle, and perform other actions as indicated in the rubrics. A
deacon or priest reads the Gospel. Other clergy of the diocese participate
in this celebration as an expression of the collegiality of the ministry in
which they share.

Ministers of other Churches may appropriately be invited to participate.

The new minister, if a deacon, should read the Gospel, prepare the
elements at the Offertory, assist the celebration at the Altar, and
dismiss the congregation.

A lay person being instituted should read one of the Lessons and
assist where appropriate.

Additional Directions are on page 564.

558    New Ministry